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Mordecai Schreiber - New Book

By Mordecai Schreiber

In an age when technology is making our world feel increasingly small and far-flung peoples are interacting with each other more regularly than at any other time in history, the common threads running through vastly different civilizations are not only more obvious but more important to our understanding of ourselves as members of the human race. In Hearing the Voice of God: In Search of Prophecy, Mordecai Schreiber explores one of these common threads—the Jewish prophetic tradition. Schreiber examines the roots of the prophetic tradition in Judaism and demonstrates how it has influenced the prophets of later religions, how its tenets have been replicated by major social and political figures of recent centuries, and how it ultimately has the power to define each person’s understanding of his or her responsibilities as a member of the human race.
This is an important text for anyone who wishes to understand the Jewish prophetic tradition that has informed the development of today’s world religions and societal laws.

Rabbi Mordecai Schreiber is the author of over 50 books on Judaic and linguistic topics.
He is the author of The Man who Knew God: Decoding Jeremiah, Ask the Bible, and Light to the Nations: From Biblical Promise to World Peace.

What the Experts say about the Book . . .

Mordecai Schreiber has written a book that merits great and sustained attention.  In his exposition of the prophets of the Hebrew Bible he exhibits his great theological sensibility. That, however, is only his beginning! He extends reflection with a largeness of spirit to consider the prophetic dimension of each of the world’s great religions. He offers a full inventory of prophetic personalities, “misguided prophets,” and “prophets of evil” in the modern world. By the time he finishes Schreiber has provided a breath-taking vision of the prophetic that pertains urgently to our present emergency of creaturely well-being. The reader will be grateful for the generous, knowing force that occupies the pages of this book.
Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary, is the author of many books about the biblical prophets.

Mordecai Schreiber travels all across the globe and all the way back to the beginning of human history in this book in order to demonstrate that the prophets still have the power to speak to those who have open minds and open hearts. This is a book that will open the world of the prophets to many who have never understood their message, and their impact on civilization until now. He tells the story of how a handful of spiritual giants, who lived in a small corner of the Middle East, spoke truth to power in voices so powerful that they reverberate until this day. He makes us understand the people who taught the world that God cares when a widow is cheated, or when an orphan is mistreated, more than about abstract teachings or ritual observance. They taught us that unlike the Greeks who understood God as the Unmoved Mover, God is the Most Moved Mover in the universe. The prophets comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable, and we need to learn from them how to do both these tasks today. This book will help for it speaks to our minds and to our souls.
Rabbi Jack Riemer is the co-editor of So That Your Values Live On, and the editor of the three volumes of the World of the High Holy Days.




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